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Software Online Activation

Users are now able to activate their "Pre-Paid Software" through FRSI's online "ACTIVATION CENTER" located at:

Program Support:

  • Support for PEDBIKE 2000 Plus Version 1 & 2 is no longer provided.
  • Support for PEDBIKE 2000 Plus Version 3 ended on June 1, 2005
  • Support for PEDBIKE 2000 Plus Version 4 ended on March 1st,  2010
  • ONLY Support for PEDBIKE 2000 Plus Version 5 and higher is provided.


In order to activate your software, it must be pre-purchased before you receive your Username and Password to access the center. Once your name has been entered into the Activation Center database you will receive your login information.


This is the first screen users will see as they log into the activation center.

Once the proper Username and Password information has been entered, users will see their "Account" information.

Client Interface: Overview


By default, clients are redirected to the "Account" section from the login page.


Clients can update their personal and company information as well as change their access password here.

Client Interface: Account


Client can update personal and company information and login password here, BUT Not Registration Name!

Clicking on "UPDATE" will update the database with the current client data.

Clicking on "RESTORE" will reload and display the client's data from database.

In order to change the login password, the client should set his current password and new password (twice) then click on "CHANGE."


The "Orders" page is intended for:

  • reviewing orders and licenses

  • activating new licenses

  • reactivating previous licenses

Client Interface: Orders

Clients can review orders and manage licenses here.



All active orders are listed in this table/

Order ID, Program name, Order date, Number of licenses (total/activated) and payment info is available for each order.

By clicking on licbtn button, the client can see active licenses for the selected order.


All active licenses for selected order are displayed here.

Site code, Machine ID, Note, Date of activation and Expiration date (in case of limited license) information is displayed for each license/

Activation code for each license can be viewed by opening activation email panel (mail button).


This button is used for adding new licenses and is available only in case there are unused licenses left for use.

NOTE: Site code and MID code are required for activation.

Client should set Site code, Machine ID code, and Note (if required) then click on "Add new license" button to add the new license.



A computer could crash or clients could reformat a hard driver, or install a new operating system without first removing the program's license. Clients can use this option to reactivate their lost license on the original computer without a valid removal code.

Here, clients should enter the current Site code and Machine ID code displayed on their computer then select "Update license" to obtain a new activation code to reactivate the program.

The FRSI Database will compare the old and new locking parameters, then determine if a license can be reactivated.

In the case where too many locking parameters are different, the client should contact FRSI and ask for an activation code. FRSI will check the database then determine if a license can be reactivated. 



This feature has been disabled in the FRSI database. Clients will not be allowed to transfer the license from one computer to another computer.

In recover a license, clients need to deactivate the software on the old computer before activating the software on a new computer.


Clients can remove license with a valid removal code. The original license will be deleted from and database and a new license will be granted for the appropriate order.

This button is not available for programs with limited license features enabled.


This button will open the activation email panel.

By default, clients cannot edit email messages before sending them.


A small note (up to 30 characters) can be added when updating existing or new licenses. This note will be displayed in the licenses table right after the activation code. Clients can use this information to identify each license, such as the name of the computer where software is installed.

At this point, make sure your email address is correct so you receive the information by email after clicking on "Send mail." Once you receive your activation information, you can copy and paste the activation code into the proper field to activate your software.

If you still have any questions, or require a Username and Password to access the activation center, then please email me at .



Important Notes:

  • Download and install the most current software version first.
  • Start program and take note of the Site Code and the MID Code displayed on your screen.
  • You can always refer to the information to the left for additional directions.
  • When you are ready, go to the Activation Center located at:
  • Complete the online activation and select the envelope to receive an email with the activation code.