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IMPACT© - Collision Reconstruction Software (Download)

This software is available for download. Select the following link to download and evaluate a Full, Unrestricted Version for 14-days.

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The IMPACT© Software is NEW for collision reconstruction (2022). This valuable tool will assist Collision Analysts and Reconstructists with their everyday advanced calculations. Included within this software are the PEDBIKE 2000 Plus© and the BACalc© Software Modules.

For additional software information, check out the IMPACT© Web Site.


PEDBIKE 2000 Plus© - Pedestrian/Bicycle Specialty Software (Download)

This program is available for download. Select the following link to evaluate a Full, Unrestricted Trial Version.

The PEDBIKE 2000 Plus Software is dedicated to the investigation and reconstruction of pedestrian and bicycle collisions. This program will help investigators verify their technical analysis. Included as part of this software package is the BACalc - Blood Alcohol Concentration Software. Many alcohol-related issues can be calculated to let investigators know if they are going in the right direction. Learn more by visiting the product's page.


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  • IMPACT© - Collision Reconstruction Software
  • PEDBIKE 2000 Plus© Software