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Mike Reade, CD

Mike Reade, CD


Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc. was incorporated in July 2000 after Mike retired from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). During his twenty-five+ years service, he investigated 1000's of collisions and reconstructed 100's of fatal motor vehicle and personal injury collisions. Prior to retirement, Mike was assigned to full-time, collision reconstruction duties for the eastern half of New Brunswick.


Between 1993 and 2023, Mike provided training on behalf of the University of North Florida - Training Services as an IPTM Adjunct Instructor. During this time, Mike co-developed several  training courses and training manuals for: Computerized Collision Diagramming, Advanced Computerized Collision Diagramming, and Computerized Crime Scene Diagramming.


Mike has co-developed the Advanced Pedestrian/Cyclist Crash Reconstruction Course and co-authored the Fundamentals of Pedestrian/Cyclist Crash Reconstruction book and the Pedestrian/Cyclist Crash Reconstruction book that is currently used in many countries.


In 2023, Mike joined the Forensic Training Group, LLC - Adjunct Instructor Team to continue testing and research in the field of Pedestrian/Cyclist Crash Reconstruction and Training.


Mike has developed software currently used for Traffic Crash CAD Drawing, Specialized Pedestrian/Cyclist & Collision Reconstruction, and Traffic Crash Reconstruction software. This software is widely used throughout North America and other countries.





A résumé is available upon request. Please send your email request to FRSI. (Your request should include your Name, Company c/w Address and Phone Numbers, and the Nature of Your Request.) We will be more than pleased to provide you with a current "Résumé."



Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc.

43 Hillsdale Avenue

Riverview, New Brunswick

Canada  E1B 5J7


Phone: 1-506-386-3225






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